Conveniently bundled into flat-rate programs, we have an array of solutions to meet your needs. Introduce predictability into your IT support spending.
Customized support designed to meet the needs of small businesses.
From a simple backup solution to save your data to a comprehensive package that includes monthly maintenance and service calls, ClarityIT offers three support tiers for small businesses running anywhere from one to ten computers.
Services Support tiers
Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Service calls (6 per year; remote or on-site) pay as you go pay as you go
Monthly maintenance  
Initial system tweaking  
Remote backup (first 3 GB included)
Local backup (hardware included)    
Remote backup (first 3 GB included)
Benefits Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
speed problem resolution by up to 70%  
reduce cost of service calls by up to 50%  
minimizes risk of data loss
proactively maintain your system to reduce outages  
periodic reporting to keep you informed on the health of your system  


Packaged solutions created to meet the needs of small and large organizations.
We have carefully analyzed the many needs of IT in organizations and created affordable bundles that deliver maximum value. Choose from the samples below or customize based on your needs.
Services Sample packages
Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3 Sample 4 Sample 5
Troubleshooting helpdesk
Break / Fix
Managed antivirus and antispyware
System optimization  
Microsoft patch management  
Basic monitoring  
Managed backup    
Printer management    
Guaranteed response times    
Hardware and software inventory management    
Quarterly executive report & review    
Annual technology plans      
Advanced (error & event log) monitoring      
Software deployment and setup discounted discounted discounted
On-site visits discounted discounted discounted
Network management        
Server management        


Free centralized e-mail, scheduling, and document management for your small business.
Present yourself to customers in a professional manner with customized e-mail and increase your productivity by sharing calendars and documents with other employees. Simplify your business collaboration by using Google Apps - just pay for the setup.
Centralize all internal communications for your small business
Free customized e-mail solution that brands your business:
Existing e-mail messages are imported and any old accounts forwarded to your new, personalized address
Superior spam filtering over leading e-mail providers
Quickly and easily search through your e-mail
Powerful tools to organize your mail more effectively
Document creation, storage, and sharing all online for easy access
Shared calendars with employees - keep track of appointments and schedules
Calendar and document functions integrated directly into your e-mail
Collaboration made easy - share calendars, files, and contacts
Online access from anywhere, anytime - including your mobile device
Access your e-mail from anywhere at anytime
Manage online calendars and even share them with employees
Create an identifiable e-mail address
Create and share documents with employees
Document creation and storage
Online access from anywhere, including your mobile devices
Lower cost of operation: no server to maintain as access is through the Web

The Brentwood story
Joan and Anmarie at the Brentwood Bed and Breakfast both monitored and responded to reservation inquires sent to the same e-mail account using separate computers. This created confusion as neither person knew what e-mails had been read or replied to without verbally checking with the other. As a result, mail was often lost or duplicated unintentionally with serious consequences such as ignored customers and lost time.

Now that ClarityIT has implemented Google Apps at the Brentwood Bed and Breakfast, Joan and Anmarie can work from a centralized e-mail system, while continuing to use their separate computers. All mail - sent, received, or otherwise - is synchronized no matter where it is accessed from or by how many people. The Google Apps solution we implemented has numerous other benefits too, such as appearing more professional by changing the e-mail address from something their ISP forced them to use to Joan can now access her mail when travelling or on vacation and remain in the loop.